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Dipl. Ing. hort. Uwe Hornischer
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Project planning
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Agricultural advice
Conversion to organic farming
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Company portrait HORTICONS Agricultural Advisory Services

HortiCons Agricultural Advisory Services was founded in May 2007 by graduate engineer Uwe Hornischer, consultant for fruit and vegetable production.

Since May 2008 the location of the company is in Bremen /Germany. The area of operation is in Germany, Europe and overseas.

As a consultant of many years Uwe Hornischer used his experience and contacts to offer agricultural services by HortiCons in sectors, which are demanded by the market and the agricultural structure.

The following services of HORTICONS secure production and quality of agricultural products from the field to the consumer.

Quality assurance - save fruit and vegetable on the counter of the supermarket

Auditing of farms and packing stations

Concepts for quality assurance

Project-planning - realizing ideas

Agricultural advice - security in farming


Dipl. Ing. hort. (FH) Uwe Hornischer
Founder of HORTICONS Agricultural Advisory Services

since 2007 HORTICONS Agricultural Advisory Services
  • Quality assurance
  • Farm audits (South and middle Europe, China)
  • Project planning (Germany, east Europe Africa)
  • Education (Germany, Kosovo, China)
  • Technical advice in production
since 2009 University lecturer, University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Quality management
2002 - 2006 Advisor for specific information for organic farming
  • Education of farm managers
  • Technical research for organic production
2002 - 2006 Agricultural advisor in organic horticulture
  • Technical advice in organic agriculture
2002 - 2003 Education as agricultural advisor
  • LWK Niedersachsen
1995 - 2002 Production manager in organic farms
  • Crop- and staff management
1990 - 1995 Study of horticulture
  • Fruit and vegetable production, tropical crops
  • Plant protection, techniques
1994 Foreign project
  • Planning and education in horticulture
    Cuenca, Ecuador
1984 - 1986 Education as a gardener
  • plant production
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